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Transparent siloxane resin-based water-repellent compound. Use Antipluviol S for the protection of vertical or inclined surfaces (façades) made of concrete, cementitious render, bricks and natural stone, from the effects of rainwater without altering their appearance. Antipluviol S is a siloxane resin product in solvent, characterised by its high capacity to penetrate into the substrate. The treatment with Antipluviol S does not create a skin and therefore does not substantially modify the permeability to water vapour of the treated material. Antipluviol S is applied with a brush or spray onto perfectly clean and dry substrates. Antipluviol S is not suitable for treating horizontal surfaces (terraces), or where water under pressure is present (basements, water reservoirs) or areas where there is standing water. N.B. ADR/RID approved packaging. Consumption 100-1000 g/m2 depending on the porosity of the substrate. Packaging 10 kg buckets
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