Chemical Protection/Gauntlets

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Welders Gauntlet - Red

Scan Welders Gauntlet made from cowsplit leather with black welted seams, featuring a one-piece back which provides strength. Fully lined, the guantlets are comfortable to use.

At 350 mm (14in) long, they are excellent at protecting the hand, wrist and lower forearm. Excellent for Welders.

Conform to EN420 and EN388

4/4 on the Abrasion Performance Index
2/5 on the Blade Cut Performance Index
4/4 on the Tear Performance Index
3/4 on the Puncture Performance Index

One Size

£7.00 incl VAT

PVC Gauntlet 45cm (18in)

Size: Large.
Length: 18in/45cm.

Conforms to Standard EN240.

£4.00 incl VAT

PVC Gauntlet 27cm (11in)

Size: Large.
Length: 27cm (11in).

Conforms to Standard EN240.

£2.00 incl VAT

PVC Knitwrist Glove

Scan PVC Knitwrist Glove is a fully coated red PVC cotton glove to protect against oil, grease and most household chemicals.

The gloves are resistant to abrasions and tears. They have knitted wristbands that protect against dust infiltration.

Conform to Standard EN420 and EN388.

2 = Abrasion Performance Index 1-4
1 = Blade Cut Performance Index 1-5
2 = Tear Performance Index 1-4
1 = Puncture Performance Index 1-4

£2.00 incl VAT

Leather Lined Welders Gauntlets Size: 10.5

Red Welders Gauntlet. Finger welts. , Fully lined hand and cuff. , EN388: 2003 , Level 3 - Abrasion , Level 2 - Cut Resistance , Level 3 - Tear Resistance , Level 3 - Puncture , EN407: 2004 4.2.3.X.4.X
£5.00 incl VAT