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1-476 ERGO™ File Set 6 Piece 100mm (4in)

Bahco 1-476 4in Key Files have a handle developed according to the scientific ERGO™ process. This set is perfect for fine filing and polishing jobs.

The set contains one of each handled file: hand, warding, square, three square, half round and round.

Supplied in a snap-shut plastic wallet with hanging hole.

Type of cut: 3 Smooth.
Blade Length: 100mm.

£56.26 incl VAT

2 Piece File Card Brush Kit

Two wire brushes particularly suited for clearing the cutting teeth of wood and metal files by quickly removing material shavings and swarf. Each brush has a sturdy soft-grip plastic handle with an integral hanging hole for convenient storage.
The flat file brush is ideal for use on all types of files (Brush head 40 x 113mm). The smaller straight brush (2 rows, bristle length: 40mm) is primarily used for the brushing of coarse files and rasps before using the finer card brush for final cleaning. Clean files provide a quick and efficient cut, regularly cleaning also helps to ensure a longer working life.

£6.64 incl VAT

Aluminium Pansar Blade Holder 300mm (12in) Flat Blades

Size 300mm (12in).

£15.96 incl VAT

Aluminium Pansar Blade Holder 350mm (14in) Flat Blades

Size 350mm (14in).

£15.96 incl VAT

Cabinet Rasp 6-342-08-2-2 200mm (8in)

Bahco Cabinet Rasp with an ERGO™ handle for use in wood, plywood, wallboard, plastics and other soft materials. Edges and surfaces tapered towards the point.

Size: 200mm (8in).

£18.89 incl VAT

Carbide Tile File Half Round Soft-Grip 150mm (6in)

This Faithfull Tile File has a tungsten carbide grit coating. It features a flat and a curved face, making it ideal for both straight and contoured shaping on ceramic tiles and marble.

The file is fitted with a soft grip handle for user comfort.

Length: 150mm (6in)

£6.19 incl VAT

CB24 Bench Stone 100 x 25 x 12mm - Coarse

These INDCB24 Aluminium Oxide bench stones have the same grit throughout.
Size: 4 x 1 x 1/2n.
Grade: Coarse.

£13.73 incl VAT

CB8 Bench Stone 200 x 50 x 25mm - Coarse

These INDCB8 aluminium oxide stones have the same grit throughout.
Size.8 x 2 x 1 in.

£32.90 incl VAT

CF214 Round File 100 x 6mm - Coarse

Type. CF114.
Size. 100 x 6mm (4 x 1/4 in).
Grade. Coarse.

£12.96 incl VAT