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162B Pin Vice 0.8-1.6mm (0.030-0.062in)

Range: 0.8-1.6mm (0.030-0.062in)

£13.00 excl VAT

162A Pin Vice 0-1mm (0-0.040in)

Range: 0-1 mm (0-0.040 in)

£11.00 excl VAT

162C Pin Vice 1.3-3.2mm (0.050-0.125in)

Range: 1.3-3.2mm (0.050-0.125in)

£13.00 excl VAT

1/4in Socket Clips Pack of 10

Size 1/4 in.

£4.00 excl VAT

RP05 Eyelet Pliers 100 Eyelets

The Rapid RP05 Eyelet Pliers are ideal for textiles, leather, shoes and canvas. They are suitable for decorating and repairing all kinds of textile materials quickly and easily using the integrated hole punch function and there is no need for a separate tool. Finished in chrome, the high quality, strong metal parts ensure durability.

Supplied with 100 x 4mm diameter eyelets.

2 year guarantee.

£19.00 excl VAT

Grommets 10 x 21mm (25) Metal Anvil & Hammer

Grommet Size: 10 x 21mm.

£10.00 excl VAT

Grommets 12 x 23mm (25) Metal Anvil & Hammer

Grommet Size: 12 x 23mm.

£10.00 excl VAT

162D Pin Vice 2.9-4.8mm (0.115-0.187in)

Range: 2.9 - 4.8 mm (0.115 - 0.187 in)

£15.00 excl VAT