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Duck Oil 5 Litre with Spray Applicator Bottle

5 litre with plastic applicator spray bottle

£36.00 incl VAT

809-10 Plusgas Tin 250ml


£5.00 incl VAT

A6102 Hedgetrimmer Oil Spray 300ml

The Black and Decker A6102 Hedgetrimmer Oil Spray is ideal for maintenance of all hedge trimmers.
It is also biodegradable.

Size: 300ml.

£20.00 incl VAT

2300D Padlock Lubricant 7ml

The Master Lock 2300D Lock Lubricant provides a long lasting protective shield against dust, dirt, salt, and moisture to prevent rust and corrosion, and to loosen stuck parts. The precision nozzle is designed specifically for precise application inside locking devices.

This lubricant is ideal for padlocks, door hardware, automotive, marine, and multipurpose applications.

Size: 7ml.

£8.00 incl VAT

803-10 Plusgas Tin 500ml


£9.00 incl VAT

Duck Oil 500ml

Size: 500ml

£5.00 incl VAT

34691 Industrial Lubricant with PTFE 500ml

Size: 500ml.

£26.00 incl VAT

PS88 Lubricating Spray 50ml Carded

ABUS lock lubricating spray 50 ml.

Drives out humidity
Prevents icing up of car door locks
Avoids dust attraction
Prevents corrosion & loosens sticky mechanisms

£7.00 incl VAT

802-10 Plusgas Aerosol 400ml

Size.400ml Aerosol.

£9.00 incl VAT