Planer/Thinessers & Spindle Moulder

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No.60.1/2 Block Plane

This Faithfull No.60.1/2 Block Plane is supplied loose, unboxed.

£23.00 incl VAT

DW733 Portable Thicknesser 1800W 240V

DEWALT DW733 Portable Thicknesser 1800 Watt 230 Volt head lock facility locks the cutter head into place to eliminate any movement in the cutter, providing a high quality surface finish. Large infeed and outfeed tables provide added material support when cutting large materials to improve the surface finish.

Its 4 post column design allows the cutter head to move up and down smoothly and accurately. Designed for portability on the job site and in small workshops.
The powerful 1800 Watt motor makes large surface planing easy, whilst holes located in the base enable the machine to be fitted to work bench. Has a thickness scale, material removal gauge and graduated depth crank make accurate planing quick and easy.

Standard Equipment: Dust shroud and adapter, Allen key, Blade spanner, Blade changing guides


Input Power: 1,800 Watt.
No Load Speed: 10,000/min.
Feed Rate: 8m/min, Max Planing Depth: 2mm.
Max Thicknesser Capacity: 152mm.
Max Width Capacity: 317mm.
Size (H x L x D): 445 x 520 x 310mm.
Weight: 33.6kg.

£894.00 incl VAT

Replacement Blade For No.778 Rebate Plane

Faithfull Replacement Blade for No.778 Rebate Plane.

Width: 38mm (1.1/2in).

£5.00 incl VAT

SB3 Single Blade Plane (1.3/4in)

Length 8.3/4in.
Cutter width 1.3/4in.

£23.00 incl VAT

Iron for 60.1/2G Plane

To fit 112060 Plane 60. 1/2G.(old style)

Size of Cutter 1.3/8in

£8.00 incl VAT

No.3 Smoothing Plane (1.3/4in)

Length 9.1/2in.
Cutter width 1.3/4in. - 45mm

£66.00 incl VAT

No.7 Jointer Plane (2.3/8in)

The Jointer plane performs a dual role between stock removal and accurately truing up long edges or levelling wide boards. It is fully adjustable and has a machined frog and cutter seating to reduce chatter.

Length: 560 mm (22in).
Cutter width: 60 mm (2.3/8in).

£123.00 incl VAT

No 10 Rebate Plane

The Faithfull traditional No.10 bench rebate plane designed for cleaning up wide rebates and shoulders or large joints and for general bench joinery, where a full width cutter is required. Suitable for use on both hard and soft woods.

The high quality grey cast iron body provides both strength and stability, with a precision ground base and sides for flatness and squareness, a machined blade seating eliminates movement and blade judder. The lever cap is fitted with a brass locking screw securing the blade assembly and enables easy release for sharpening. Hardwood handle and knob for user comfort, all parts are precision machined for accurate adjustment.

Cutter Width: 50mm (2in).
Overall length: 330mm (13in).

£42.00 incl VAT

Single Plane Iron 50mm (2in)

IRWIN Record Tungsten Vanadium Irons

Type: Single Iron.
Cutter Size: 50mm (2 in).

To fit 04 04C 05 & 05C Planes

£13.00 incl VAT