Bonding Agents & Admixes

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204 Evermix 3 in 1 5 Litre

Everbuild Evermix 3 in 1 triple action admixture waterproofs, plasticises and retards to assist workability, reduce water penetration and allow larger areas to be covered in one application.

Evermix 3 in 1 is particularly formulated for use in renders, dry dash and pebble-dashing, however it can also be used in any cement mixture where waterproofing and increased workability are required in conjunction with retarded setting. Tested to BS4887 1973.

£5.00 incl VAT

503 SBR Bond 2.5 Litre

Everbuild 503 SBR Bond 2.5 Litre.

£12.00 incl VAT

202 Integral Liquid Waterproofer 5 Litre

Everbuild Integral Liquid Waterproofer is a liquid additive that provides long term water protection to mortar, concrete and rendering.

It helps to reduces water permeability and is suitable for all applications where resistance to water absorption is necessary such as pool and tank linings, roof areas, external rendering and pointing and structures below ground level.

Tested to BSEN934-Part 3.

Areas of Use:
- Waterproofing below ground; basements etc.
- Waterproofing above ground; mortar, render, screeds etc.
- Waterproofing the linings of water tanks/silage pits/ponds

£5.00 incl VAT

403 Concrete Hardener & Dustproofer 5 Litre

Everbuild Concrete Hardener & Dustproofer is formulated from high-quality silicate resins to both harden and dustproof new and old concrete floors for both internal and external use. It reacts chemically with the lime content of concrete to form a hard-wearing surface.

£6.00 incl VAT

Opti-Mix Mortar Plasticiser 1 Litre

Everbuild Opti-Mix Mortar Plasticiser is the world’s first 1:25 plasticiser is just Pure Admix, smells and works like the best traditional Admix.

Benefits include: superior plasticising action, controlled dosage, consistent mix design, easy to use, no waste. 1 litre is equivalent to 25 litres of standard product.

Tested to BSEN934-Part 3.

£9.00 incl VAT

507 Rendagrip Bonding Agent 10 Litre

Everbuild 507 Rendagrip is an extra grip render bonding agent that contains a fine aggregate to provide an improved key before applying render on external surfaces e.g. concrete, lightweight blockwork, brick etc. The fine aggregates are suspended in a unique waterproof polymer to ensure easy application by roller or brush and an even spread of aggregate avoiding any weak spots in the key coat and preventing the aggregate particles coming loose during application. Rendagrip reduces the porosity/suction of the base substrate and provides a mechanical key from the fine aggregate suspended within the product.

Size: 10 litres.

£62.00 incl VAT

Sika Pave Fix Plus, Grey 14kg

1 x Everbuild Sika Pave Fix Plus

Colour: Grey
Size: 14kg

£42.00 incl VAT

206 Strike Release Oil 5 Litre

Strike Release Oil is a highly effective release agent to enable concrete shuttering to be removed easily, leaving the edge of the concrete structure clean and well formed. Suitable for most types of form work including potable water structures. Not affected by rain after application.

£29.00 incl VAT

Geo-Fix Paving Mortar Buff 20kg

Colour Buff
Size 20kg

£56.00 incl VAT