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3kVA Transformer 2x 16A Outlets

Defender’s most popular transformer can be used with corded products such as SDS drills, small demolition hammers, bench grinders, 4.5" angle grinders, jigsaw’s and circular saws. Additionally suited for lighting products, industrial fans, dehumidifiers and fume extractors. Features and Benefits Intermittent rating of 3000W - duty cycle 5 mins on / 15 mins off Continuous rating of 1650W Made and tested in the UK for reliability and durability Fitted with 240V 13A plug Centre tapped to earth for extra safety
£62.00 incl VAT

Yellow Socket 16 Amp 110 Volt

16amp, 110volt coupling socket for 14mm trailing leads.

Voltage: 110v
Amps: 16amps

Conforms to IP44 for water and dust ingress protection.
Type: BS EN 60309 Socket.

£3.00 incl VAT

Yellow Socket 32 Amp 110 Volt

These Faithfull 110 Volt sockets can be fitted to 110 Volt extension cables for use with Faithfull transformers. The sockets are easy to fit and you can also purchase plugs from the Faithfull range that are compatible.

Voltage: 110 Volt
Amps: 32amps
Type: BSEN60309 Socket

£4.00 incl VAT

Yellow Plug 32 Amp 110 Volt

Amps: 32amps

£4.00 incl VAT

3-Way Splitter 110 Volt

The Faithfull Splitter creates three separate 110V 16amp outputs from one input. Ideal for running multiple power tools. Conforms to IP44 for water ingress protection.

Total load applied must not exceed 1760 watts (16 amps) If a transformers is in use always check its capacity before linking a splitter socket to ensure an overload does not occur.

£16.00 incl VAT

Distribution Box 4 Way 110 Volt

The Faithfull TLDB4L is capable of converting the power from a single cable input into a four way output making it ideal for running multiple power tools and site lighting. The Faithfull TLDB4L is a 110 volt 4 way splitter box and comes with a 5 metre cable with 110 volt socket plug that can be used in conjunction with Faithfull 110 Volt cable reels. This unit has a strong metal construction for daily site usage, and the 4 outlets are protected from debris with flip up plastic covers which also protect the outlets when not in use.

Note: Total load applied must not exceed 1760 watts (16 amps) If a transformers is in use always check its capacity before linking a distribution box to ensure an overload does not occur.

110 Volt
4 x 110 Volt outlets

Load must not exceed 1760 watts (16Amps)

£42.00 incl VAT

3-Way Hose Connector

3-way hose connector. Splits a flow of water two ways - ideal for watering different areas simultaneously from one water source.
£1.00 incl VAT

4 Way Converter 240 Volt Individually Switched with Neon Indicators

The SMJ S4ISSC converts 1 socket to 4 and is fitted with individually switched sockets all of which feature a power and surge indicator neon. The three channel surge protection will activate during a power or mains surge, protecting your electrical items and is therefore ideal for home TV and audio equipment, power tools and portable devices.

This product has been designed to fully comply with the latest British standards and electrical equipment safety regulations.

It comes complete with wall resting screws for a secure and safe connection when items are plugged in.

£11.00 incl VAT