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Mighty Oak Air Freshener - Vanilla

The vanilla air freshener is a tropical fragrance which entwines that classic vanilla scent with the fruits of pineapple with mango and zesty orange juice.

£1.00 incl VAT

Dashboard Wipes Gloss Tub of 30

These ArmorAll® Gloss ;Dashboard Wipes are supplied in a handy, resalable tub with 30 wipes per tub.

£3.00 incl VAT

Clearvue Glass Clean 500ml

Turtle Wax Clearvue Glass Clean is a maximum strength glass cleaning formula for both interior and exterior glass and mirrored surfaces. The formulation contains vinegar and streak free detergents to give a clear finish.

Clearvue Glass Clean is versatile enough to use on internal glass to remove tobacco stains, finger marks and grime, and is more powerful than standard household cleaners.

Ideal for use on headlights to remove ingrained grime, traffic film to improve visibility.

Size: 500ml

£3.00 incl VAT

Red Rubbing Compound 250g

Turtle Wax Red Rubbing Compound is a classic polishing compound which restores badly weathered and oxidised paintwork. It removes scuffs, scratches and paint transfer.

The compound restores heavily faded paintwork to bring back the original colour. It can be used for spot application targets or full bodywork restoration process.

Safe to use on all types of paintwork including clear coats and metallic.

Size: 250g.

£5.00 incl VAT

Dash & Glass Interior Cleaner 500ml

Turtle Wax Dash & Glass Interior Cleaner is a unique 2-in-1 cleaner which is suitable for both plastics and glass. The polymer based cleaner traps dirt on first pass and its Clearvue technology ensures windows are left sparkling clean and streak free.

The cleaner is safe to use on all interior surfaces, including tech screens. It leaves all dashboard areas dust-free, non-greasy and UV protected to prevent fading.

Size: 500ml

£4.00 incl VAT

Mighty Oak Air Freshener - Triple Pack

This triple pack contains three different fragrances:

Vanilla - A tropical burst that entwines classic vanilla scent with the fruits of pineapple with mango and zesty orange juice.

Ice Cool - A fresh fragrance with herbal notes of pine and eucalyptus on a base of precious musks.

New Car - One of the most popular fragrances. A heavy wood scent with a leathery accord, reminiscent of the smell of new cars.

£2.00 incl VAT

Wet 'n' Black Tyre Dressing 500ml

Turtle Wax Wet 'n' Black Tyre Dressing is a long-lasting deep black tyre shine with a 100% all silicone and solvent formulation (no water). It has a quick drying time, meaning that the vehicle is ready to drive right away with no tyre sling. Application is simple and targeted, simply spray on and walk away.

Size: 500ml

£5.00 incl VAT

Big Orange Autoshampoo 5L

Turtle Wax Big Orange Autoshampoo is a quick action wash that rapidly lifts ingrained traffic film. It contains a combination of foaming detergents and orange oil, along with added rinse aids and waxes that ensure easy rinsing, and a glossy shine with no streaks. It is powerful enough to clean effectively, yet formulated to ensure no waxes are stripped.

Suitable for all paintwork surfaces including Metallic and Clear coat finishes.

Size: 5 Litre

£5.00 incl VAT

Speed Polish 500ml

Turtle Wax Speed Polish is a 3-in-1, rinseable colour restorer - the fastest way to a flawless finish!

It contains ultra-fine abrasive powders which remove scratches, swirls and scuffs to leave a flawless finish. The polish enhances, restores and improves the clarity of the vehicle's paintwork.

Speed Polish has a unique formulation which requires no hard buffing. Instead, rinse off all areas with water. The non-staining formulation saves time on taping vehicle decals, plastic and rubber trims.

Versatile for all-weather and can be used at high ambient temperature compared to other polishes.

Size: 500ml

£5.00 incl VAT