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    Cement & Concrete

    Build a foundation of strength with our Cement & Concrete essentials. Explore a diverse range of cement and concrete products selectively curated for construction excellence. From high-performance cement blends to durable concrete mixes, discover the building blocks for enduring structures. Elevate your construction projects with our selection, where innovation and reliability come together to create foundations that stand strong and withstand the test of time.

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    Picture of Rugby 40N Concrete 25kg

    Rugby 40N Concrete 25kg

    Rugby® 40N/mm2 Concrete is meticulously crafted for heightened strength, surpassing the standard General Purpose Concrete mix.
    CSS202-001 - Belle Minimix 150 4/3 Tip-up cement mixer (110V)

    Belle Minimix 150 4/3 Tip-up cement mixer (110V)

    A mixer designed for professional and rental users. Built for site durability, these are quality, portable mixers for all small to medium building projects. The number one choice for mixers worldwide.
    Picture of Rugby White Cement 25KG Paper Bag

    Rugby White Cement 25KG Paper Bag

    Rugby® White, a white Portland cement, exhibits setting and hardening characteristics akin to those found in standard grey cements.