Cleaning Chemicals

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3KG Tub Lemon Urinal Blocks

Lemon Scented Urinal Channel Blocks Specially formulated for use in washrooms & urinals, the urinal cubes neutralise odours from urine & sweat. Approximately 200 cubes per tub.
£21.82 incl VAT

Brass Restorer 125ml

Rustins Brass Restorer is ideal for restoring exterior brass door furniture, which may be cleaned by applying with a brush or dipping small items.

Also may be used for cleaning copper and bronze.

Size: 125ml.

£2.39 incl VAT

Brush Cleaner 1 Litre

Size: 1 litre.

£5.51 incl VAT

Brush Cleaner 300ml

Rustins Brush Cleaner is ideal for cleaning wet brushes and rollers.

This special liquid emulsifies oil paints, varnishes and polyurethane from brushes and rollers which can then be rinsed with clean water.

Size: 300ml.

£2.89 incl VAT

Brush Cleaner 500ml

The Polycell PLCBC500S Brush Cleaner is 500ml.

£3.42 incl VAT

Brush Cleaner 500ml

A thin solvent based liquid which removes wet paint quickly from brushes, rollers and pads.

It works on emulsion, spirit based paints, varnish and is water washable.

Contains conditioner to prolong brush/roller life.

Cleans up with water
Contains conditioner to prolong brush life.
Works on most common paint types.
Not suitable for cellulose paints.

£3.12 incl VAT

Brush Restorer 300ml

Rustins Brush Restorer removes dried paint, varnish and polyurethane from brushes and rollers.

Pour into a glass or metal container so that the roller or bristles of the brush are covered. As it may take some time for paint to soften, cover the container with cling film or foil to prevent loss of restorer by evaporation.

As brush softens, restorer can penetrate faster. When bristles are softened, rinse in water to remove all loose material.

Size: 300ml.

£2.89 incl VAT