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    Picture of FOSROC  Renderoc HB 18kg

    FOSROC Renderoc HB 18kg

    Fosroc Renderoc HB: Lightweight, high-build repair mortar for vertical and overhead applications, ensuring low permeability and exceptional dimensional stability.
    Picture of FOSROC RENDEROC GP 25KG


    Fosroc Renderoc GP 25KG: Your go-to solution for concrete reinstatement, providing low permeability, rapid application, and superior durability in one versatile blend.
    Picture of FOSROC RENDEROC HB45 25 Kg


    Fosroc Renderoc HB45: High-performance, fiber-reinforced concrete reinstatement mortar for versatile and efficient repair, ensuring low permeability and excellent dimensional stability.
    Picture of FOSROC RENDEROC LA 25kgs Bag


    Fosroc Renderoc LA 25kg - Your go-to solution for large volume concrete repairs, offering exceptional compatibility, controlled expansion, and long-lasting protection against diverse environmental factors.


    Fosroc Renderoc Primer - Elevate your repair projects with a high-performance cementitious slurry, ensuring exceptional bond strength and adherence to stringent standards.
    Picture of Fosroc Renderoc-FC 25KG

    Fosroc Renderoc-FC 25KG

    Fosroc Renderoc FC 25KG - Your premium solution for achieving flawless, fair-faced finishes on non-trafficked concrete surfaces, delivering durability, sustainability, and efficiency in a single bag.
    Picture of Mapei Planitop Smooth and Repair 25kg

    Mapei Planitop Smooth and Repair 25kg

    Mapei Smooth & Repair R4 is a rapid-setting structural mortar, expertly formulated for efficient and lasting repairs on both internal and external concrete surfaces, providing excellent adhesion and anti-corrosion properties.
    Picture of Sika AnchorFix-2+

    Sika AnchorFix-2+

    Sika AnchorFix®-2+: The fast-curing, styrene-free solution for medium to high-load anchoring. Versatile, reliable, and easy to apply with standard guns.
    Picture of Sika MonoTop®-3020 25 Kg

    Sika MonoTop®-3020 25 Kg

    Eco-conscious cementitious mortar with recycled materials, ensuring sustainable construction practices and superior surfacing for various applications. Versatile and resilient, this mortar minimizes environmental impact, embraces low shrinkage, and achieves Class R3 structures, setting new standards in durability and performance.
    Picture of Sika MonoTop®-615 UK

    Sika MonoTop®-615 UK

    High-performance concrete repair mortar, combining user-friendly application with Class R3 compliance for versatile, sustainable, and enduring structural restoration. Pre-bagged for consistency, easy to use – just add water, low density for vertical/overhead use, EuroClass A1 fire rating, and excellent adhesion ensure superior repairs with minimal wastage.
    Picture of Sika MonoTop®-630 Rapid

    Sika MonoTop®-630 Rapid

    Sika MonoTop®-630 Rapid: R4 fast-setting cementitious repair mortar, offering convenience with pre-bagged quality, just-add-water simplicity, high early strength, and rapid setting for versatile and efficient structural repairs. non-corrosive to steel, and chloride-free. Ideal for horizontal and vertical repairs, floor slabs, car park decks, and both interior and exterior applications.
    Picture of Sika MonoTop-4012 (25kg)

    Sika MonoTop-4012 (25kg)

    Sika MonoTop®-4012: Advanced R4 concrete repair mortar, seamlessly blending high performance with sustainability. Engineered with recycled materials, it offers exceptional strength, low shrinkage, and versatile application for reinforced structures.
    Picture of Sika Parex 100 Newton Grout

    Sika Parex 100 Newton Grout

    Parex 100 Newton Grout represents a single-component, cementitious grout with exceptional strength. Its formulation incorporates specific elements that counteract shrinkage, ensuring a non-shrink grout in both its plastic and hardened states. The inclusion of potent plasticizing agents results in a highly fluid grout with minimal water content.
    Picture of Sika Parex Aquatic Mortar Accelerated

    Sika Parex Aquatic Mortar Accelerated

    Parex Aquatic Mortar Accelerated is a combination of specialized Portland cements, high-quality graded sands, and distinctive blends of polymers and admixtures. Free from iron, high alumina cement, chloride, or any harmful substances, this product is particularly suitable for use in low ambient temperatures or when an accelerated early strength is necessary.
    Picture of Sika Parex CS Grout 25 Kg

    Sika Parex CS Grout 25 Kg

    Sika Parex CS Grout is a Portland cement-based product renowned for its high strength, high flow characteristics, and non-shrink properties. Through precise control of water content, diverse consistencies, including liquid, plastic, and mortar, can be attained. This grout, when appropriately placed, imparts substantial structural support and exhibits exceptional resistance to vibrations.
    Picture of Sika Parex Dry  Pack C 25Kg

    Sika Parex Dry Pack C 25Kg

    Parex Dry Pack C, a single-component cement mortar, excels in construction materials. Pre-packaged for quality assurance, it's easy to mix and apply, countering shrinkage effectively. Pre-packaged to ensure consistent quality. Simple to mix and apply.
    Picture of Sika Parex LA Repair Concrete R4  25kg

    Sika Parex LA Repair Concrete R4 25kg

    Parex LA Repair Concrete: the ultimate one-component solution for flawless construction repairs. With non-shrink properties, it handles depths up to 500mm, saving time and ensuring long-term performance with ASR-resistant aggregates. Trust Parex LA Repair Concrete for impeccable results, efficiency, and durability in your construction projects.
    Picture of Sika Sikadur-31+ (AB) C1219

    Sika Sikadur-31+ (AB) C1219

    Picture of Sika Sikadur-31+ (AB) C9281

    Sika Sikadur-31+ (AB) C9281

    An exceptional two-part epoxy structural adhesive, rigorously approved for contact with drinking water, ensuring unparalleled versatility, superior adhesion, and professional-grade performance in various construction applications. Elevate your projects with confidence and compliance.
    Picture of Sika Sikadur-31+ (AB) Rapid C1106 (1.2KG)

    Sika Sikadur-31+ (AB) Rapid C1106 (1.2KG)

    Sikadur®-31+ Rapid, a fast-curing, low-VOC epoxy adhesive designed for structural bonding and concrete repair. With easy mixing, application versatility, and very low VOC levels, it ensures robust adhesion to various construction materials, making it an ideal choice for efficient and eco-friendly projects.