Drain Testing

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2065F Radiator Valve Spanner

Spanner to facilitate fitting and removal of standard and thermostatic radiator valves.

£8.00 incl VAT

1066C Drain Gulley Grab 5ft x 5.1/4in

Scoop 135mm (5.1/4 in). dia.

£174.00 incl VAT

VideoScope One - Compact Inspection Camera 1.5m

The Laserliner VideoScope One is a compact Video Inspection Camera with 1.5m camera snake. It has a 2.7in TFT colour display with 2 x digital zoom and 180° picture rotation on the screen. The waterproof (IP68) camera snake is very flexible to reach awkward areas. The camera head is only 9mm in diameter and has 4 illuminating LED lights for clear viewing in dark areas.

Supplied with 4 x AA batteries.


Camera Head Diameter: 9mm, IP67.
Focus: 3–7cm, with 2 x digital zoom in 10% increments.
Screen: 2.7in TFT Colour, 320 x 240 pixels.
Cable Length: 1.5m.
Weight: 0.51kg.

£164.00 incl VAT

Basin Wrench

The Faithfull Basin Wrench 1/2in x 3/4in, (15 x 22mm) is manufactured from malleable cast iron with accurately machined jaws.

Ideal for use in awkward places, eg. backnuts fitted to taps behind sinks or baths.

£5.00 incl VAT

2056D Three Legged Radiator Valve Key

Monument Three Legged Radiator Valve Key for 1/2, 3/4 and 1in radiator valves.

Made from a brass pressing.

£9.00 incl VAT

Manhole Keys (Pack of 2) 170mm (6.6in)

2 x Faithfull Manhole Keys Manhole Keys 170mm (6.6in)

£6.00 incl VAT

Standard 7 Way Cabinet Control Key

The Knipex 7 Way Cabinet Control Key is suitable for control cabinets and shut-off systems in the supply of gas, water and electricity, e.g. air conditioning, ventilation systems, shut-off valves, mains switch-boards, etc. Supplied with a securing chain.

It has the following functions:

3 x Square: 5, 6 & 8mm.
1 x Triangular: 9mm.
1 x Two-Way: 3-5mm.
1 x Double Ended Bit (Slotted 1.0x7mm and PH2).
1 x 1/4in Bit Adaptor.

£26.00 incl VAT

Box Type Immersion Heater Spanner

The Faithfull Box Type Immersion Heater Spanner provides a firm non-slip grip on immersion heater elements. The deep box design allows easy access to heaters that are surrounded by insulation or recessed. Supplied complete with a tommy bar to help provide added leverage when removing over tight elements. Manufactured from high-quality steel.

£7.00 incl VAT

781T DIY Telescopic Plumbing Basin Wrench

The Monument 781T DIY telescopic adjustable basin wrench is designed for use when tightening or loosening nuts in awkward positions, particularly those underneath basins or baths.

The teeth on the jaws will grip uneven shapes as well as pipes, hexagons, squares etc. The swivelling head allows access where fixed spanners will not operate.

Extends from 25 - 43cm

£14.00 incl VAT