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    Drizoro Maxplug 5kg Can

    Manufacturer: Drizoro S.A.U
    SKU: CSS0044-00003
    The Drizoro Maxplug 5kg Drum is an excellent solution for swiftly halting leaks and controlling the flow of water. It maintains its strength and doesn't shrink. You can adjust the setting time by using water at various temperatures.
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    The Drizoro Maxplug 5kg Drum is perfect for stopping leaks and flowing water fast. It doesn’t shrink or become weak. The setting time of Drizoro Maxplug can be controlled by using different temperature water. Cold water slows down setting time whilst hot water speeds it up. It does not contain chlorides or any other corrosive compounds and is non-toxic.   

    The Drizoro Maxplug 5kg Drum is a super-fast setting cement based mortar. It can quickly stop leaks, drips and running water that can make cracks and holes in concrete and masonry. It’s easy to use, quick to adhere to any surface, and doesn’t shrink. The Drizoro Maxplug and only requires water for mixing and sets in under 5 minutes, even underwater. 


    • Does not shrink or become weak due to its exothermic reaction.
    • MAXPLUG increases in volume, giving a permanent seal in areas where there is flowing water.
    • Its quick setting-time from 3 to 5 minutes can be controlled, either sped up or slowed down, by adding warm or cold water. Setting may even be instantaneous by adding hot water during warm weather.
    • Its mechanical properties are similar or higher than concrete.
    • Non-toxic. It can be used in contact with drinking water.
    • Drizoro Maxplug sets even underwater.
    • Does not contain chlorides or other corrosive compounds.
    • Easy to use.
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