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Mini Surge Tower 240 Volt 10 Way 2 Metre Surge Protection

The SMJ S10WTTB has 10 sockets and a 2 metre cable with power and surge indicator neon. The three channel surge protection will activate during a power or mains surge, protecting your electrical items and is therefore ideal for home TV and audio equipment, power tools and portable devices. Vertical cable managements reduces tangle and angled sockets allow larger plugs to be inserted.


Type: 10 Way Mini Tower.
Length: 2 metre.
Current: 13 Amp.

£16.00 excl VAT

Switched Extension Lead with Neon Indicator 230V 4-Gang 2m

13A extension lead. Neon power indicator. Individual switches for each plug. Ideal for powering appliances in the home and garden.
£9.00 excl VAT

Trailing Lead 240 Volt 13 Amp 1.5mm Cable 14 Metre

The Faithfull heavy-duty trailing lead 14 metre with 1.5mm cable. This robust trailing lead is fitted with a heavy-duty rubber case, this gives added durability and protection from being drop and dragged around the ground etc. Faithfull trailing leads are ideal for power tools, transformers etc., as they can be used for giving a much wider work area.

240 Volt,
14 Metre 1.5mm cable
13 amp plug, 3 pin socket
Fully unwound: 3kw (13 amp)
Fully wound: 1kw (4 amp)

£19.00 excl VAT

Desktop Charging Station 1.4m 4 x USB 13A 240 Volt

SMJ Desktop Charging Station with a unique design which allows 4 USB ports to be used simultaneously. Ideal for charging smartphones and tablets.

USB output voltage: 5V±0.25VDC.
USB output current: Max.4800mA.
USB input: 100-240VAC,50/60Hz.
Cable length: 1.5metres.

£35.00 excl VAT

USB Extension Lead 240 Volt 4 Way 13A Surge Protection 2 Metre

1 x SMJ USB Extension Lead 240 Volt 4 Way 13A Surge Protection 2 Metre

£14.00 excl VAT

Trailing Lead 14m 1750W 16 amp 2.5mm Cable 110V

110V 16 amp socket
110V 16 amp Plug
2.5mm cable

£33.00 excl VAT

Garden Extension Lead 240 Volt on H Frame 15 Metre

Masterplug Handy garden extension lead. 15 metre cable complete with storage handle.

The highly visible orange cable reduces the chances of tripping over it or cutting it when outdoors.

£22.00 excl VAT

Trailing Lead 14m 3500W 32 amp 2.5mm Cable 110V

110V 32 amp socket
110V 32 amp plug
2.5mm cable

£36.00 excl VAT

Weatherproof Box with 10 Metre 240 Volt 4 Way Bar

Masterplug Weatherproof IP54 enclosure supplied with 4 socket 10 metre extension lead.

Ideal for temporary outdoor power solutions, such as for outdoor lighting/decorations.

£31.00 excl VAT