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    Extension Sleeve (2 Course)

    SKU: CSS5721-00010
    The G961 Extension Sleeve allows the vent to reach a further two brick courses vertically. The sleeve can also be fitted to the base of a telescopic underfloor void ventilator to provide horizontal extension through larger cavities.
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    • 6,600mm² airflow
    • Allows ventilation to deeper underfloor voids
    • Additional depth and cavity span
    • Allows an extra 2 courses vertically per unit
    • Provides an extra 150mm horizontal extension through wider cavities
    • Quick and easy push-fit assembly with the underfloor vents
    • Maintains an unobstructed airflow path through the wall
    • Size: 50 x 235 x 215mm
    • Vertical Extension: 150mm
    • Vertical Span: 2 Extra Courses
    • Horizontal Span: Extra 180mm
    • Packaging: 20 per box
    • Box Weight: 4.0kg
    • Material: Polypropylene

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