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    Picture of Jetstream Dust Filter TH2PSL

    Jetstream Dust Filter TH2PSL

    Spare Filter. Spare to maintain Jetstream® as a highly effective respiratory product.
    Picture of Sediment Filter

    Sediment Filter

    Sediment Filter - Stay compliant and on schedule with this rugged and reusable dewatering filter
    Picture of EnviroHorn Sediment

    EnviroHorn Sediment

    Prevents sediment and contaminants from your site entering the drainage system. Retains up to 21kg of sediment. Robust and reusable up to 20 times.
    Picture of Oil & Sediment Filter

    Oil & Sediment Filter

    This versatile filter cleans oil and sediment from contaminated water, avoiding the expensive clean-up costs of vacuum tankers and jetting vehicles, or fines from environmental regulators. The Oil & Sediment Filter is constructed from a multi-layered filter system of nylon monofilament for capturing sediment particles, and layers of polypropylene non-woven material for oil absorbency. With a PVC nylon outer sleeve tested for tensile strength and durability, this rugged filter is built to handle repeated use in harsh conditions. The filter can be reused up to 20 times (400kg), depending on the geology of the sediment being filtered, or until the integral hydrocarbon detector turns dark blue - indicating that the filter has absorbed 2.5L oil.
    Picture of EnviroHorn Oil & Sediment

    EnviroHorn Oil & Sediment

    Ideal for house building sites, wheel wash areas, entrances and exits to construction sites, motorway projects. EnviroHorn is an easy to use filter which sits inside a roadside drain and filters out sediment and oil from site run-off. Available as an Oil & Sediment filter or Sediment-only, EnviroHorn eliminates the costs and downtime of having to pump out blocked or contaminated drains. Installed in five minutes, the oil and sediment EnviroHorn will retain 19kg of sediment before it needs to be emptied. It will also retain one litre of hydrocarbon sheen and only needs to be replaced when the integral hydrocarbon detector turns dark blue.