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    Stihl FUNCTION Basic Helmet

    Manufacturer: Stihl Gb
    SKU: CSS117-00072
    MPN: 0000-888-0810
    Lightweight helmet with a large nylon visor and low profile ear muffs. Elastic visor seals protect against the ingress of dirt. HDPE shell with vents in the upper part of the helmet chamber. Please note that the additional use of safety glasses is highly recommended.
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    Stihl FUNCTION Basic Helmet

    Introducing the Stihl FUNCTION BASIC HELMET SET: UNIVERSAL HELMET SET, designed to provide reliable protection and comfort for demanding private users and professionals alike.

    Key Features:

    • Lightweight helmet with a large nylon visor for enhanced visibility and protection.
    • Elastic visor seals on the helmet prevent dirt from entering, ensuring clear vision and safety.
    • Low profile ear muffs offer effective sound protection, allowing you to work without distraction.
    • Vents in the upper part of the helmet chamber promote airflow and comfort during extended use.
    • Screen serves as glare protection, improving visibility in various working conditions.
    • Pin-lock closure enables easy adjustment of the headband for a secure and customized fit.


    • Complies with EN 352, EN 397, EN 1731 standards, ensuring high-quality and reliable performance.

    Additional Features:

    • Enlarged visor with additional forehead protection and rain channel for added safety.
    • Complete set includes ear protection, face protection, and a sturdy helmet shell for comprehensive coverage.
    • Starter helmet set provides a safe working environment for various tasks.

    Ear Protection:

    • SNR 28 ear protection offers effective noise reduction in accordance with EN 352, EN 397, and EN 1731 standards, ensuring optimal safety in noisy environments.

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