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    CSS120-00116 - Y Connector

    "Y" Connector

    Extend – Use the Y Connector to securely split the flow of water in two directions, to water different areas of the garden at the same time.
    2 Way Tap Connector

    2 Way Tap Connector

    The 2-Way Tap Connector allows you to connect two watering devices or hose pipes directly to one outside tap.
    CSS120-00146 - 4 in 1 Portashower

    4 in 1 Portashower

    A compact, portable shower. Only 46cm high and easy to store. Ideal for camping and caravanning.
    CSS120-00109 - 4 Way Tap Connector

    4 Way Tap Connector

    Please drain fully after use and store away for the winter, to protect against frost.
    CSS120-00009 - 60m Assembled Metal Hose Cart (empty)

    60m Assembled Metal Hose Cart (empty)

    The Hozelock 2437 60m Metal Hose Cart meets and exceeds the needs of gardeners with large gardens. Ideal for gardeners who want the easiest and simplest solution for moving and using hoses up to 60m in length. Made from the highest zinc plated steel, this cart will handle the challenges of a big, hardworking garden time after time and is rust proof.
    Accessory Adaptor (3/4"BSP Male Thread)

    Accessory Adaptor (3/4"BSP Male Thread)

    Accessory Adaptor with threaded 3/4″ BSP to enable quick connection between Hozelock accessories such as sprinklers and connectors.
    CSS120-00017 - Assembled  Reel+30m Ultraflex Hose + fittings/nozzle

    Assembled Reel+30m Ultraflex Hose + fittings/nozzle

    Hozelock 2499R8173 Assembled Reel+30m Ultraflex Hose + Fittings / Nozzle Hose
    Picture of Double Male Adaptor

    Double Male Adaptor

    Extend the length of your garden hose with this double male connector from Hozelock. The connector attaches easily to two female hose end connectors to increase the length of your garden hose or provide a temporary repair solution. It’s made from high-quality materials and fits all Hozelock connectors.
    Picture of Dual Tap Connector

    Dual Tap Connector

    The Hozelock Dual Tap Connector allows two hoses to be connected to a single tap.
    Picture of Flat Hose Adaptor

    Flat Hose Adaptor

    Can be attached to a tap or hose – Attach to the tap using a tap connector or in-line using a double ended male connector.
    Picture of Flexi Spray

    Flexi Spray

    The Hozelock 2683 Flexi Spray Gun is an exciting, innovative multi-purpose hose end attachment designed to be moulded into an array of shapes to perform a wide range of watering functions. As a long reach spray gun: easily water pots, containers and boarders with minimal effort and water wastage. For watering hanging baskets, extend your reach by 60cm to water hard to reach areas.
    FLOW MAX 3 Way Tap Connector

    FLOW MAX 3 Way Tap Connector

    For connecting two watering devices or hose pipes and a third rotating outlet- ideal for dispensing water into a bucket or watering can. The ergonomic quarter turn valves allows you to adjust the flow for specific connections. Connects directly to most garden taps and is supplied with 21mm (1/2” BSP), 26.5mm (¾” BSP) or 33.3mm (1” BSP) adaptors. Comes with all the screws and plugs required and also two hose end connectors. Ideal for use with automatic watering systems, controllers can be screwed directly underneath the tap.
    Picture of Hose Connection Set

    Hose Connection Set

    Connects the hose system to an outside tap.
    Picture of Hose Hanger

    Hose Hanger

    The Hozelock 2362 Single Hose Hanger stores up to 30m of Ø19mm hose and provides easy, hassle free access to your hose when you need it. A smart storage solution that stores your hose, connectors and hose end conveniently together around the tap. NOTE: No hose supplied
    Picture of Hose Nozzle 42608

    Hose Nozzle 42608

    Featuring a quick-connect male connector for secure, drip-free connection, the Hozelock garden hose nozzle is ideal for everyday use. The nozzle has two spray options: a cone spray for gentle watering, and a powerful jet for cleaning – making it perfect for both watering plants and cleaning your car. Made from high-quality materials, it’s a durable addition to your garden and cleaning accessories.
    Picture of Indoor Threaded Tap Connector

    Indoor Threaded Tap Connector

    Connector for kitchen taps with a 22mm BSP female threaded outlet. The fitting screws to the tap spout to provide click-on coupling with hose connectors fitted to a garden hose.
    Picture of Indoor Threaded Tap Connector 24mm M24 Male

    Indoor Threaded Tap Connector 24mm M24 Male

    The Hozelock Indoor Threaded Tap Connector is for modern kitchen taps, that has an aerator cartridge. Providing a secure method of temporarily attaching a Hozelock connector to a kitchen tap.
    Picture of Inlet Adaptor for Reels and Carts

    Inlet Adaptor for Reels and Carts

    A replacement inlet adaptor – For use on the side of all Hozelock hose reels and carts. Made from high quality material, for increased durability. 5/8 inch BSP threaded adaptor – designed solely as a component part and is not intended to be used as a tap connector for outdoor taps.
    JET PUMP 3000 / 600W

    JET PUMP 3000 / 600W

    Ready to use jet pump to move water around your garden Fully equipped with a 7m suction hose, an integrated filter, a curved adaptor and a turbo quick connector . Overheating protection for motor and hydraulic circuits. High performances with 3000 L/hr and 3,5 bars pressure. Robust and durable pump with robust plastic housing.
    Picture of Jet Spray Gun

    Jet Spray Gun

    The Hozelock 2674 Jet Spray Gun is fitted with a lockable rear soft-touch trigger turns water on and off and the easy to use flow control saves up to 50% water. Three spray patterns: Powerful Jet for cleaning, Fast Fill for filling buckets and watering cans and Mist for gently watering seedlings.