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    Kryton Hard-Cem - 13.4 kg

    Manufacturer: Kryton International Inc
    SKU: CSS83-0008
    The inclusion of the Hard-Cem integral admixture not only substantially reduces the necessity for replacements and repairs but also prolongs the lifespan of the concrete by more than double. This leads to a decreased carbon footprint over the entirety of its existence.
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    Kryton Hard-Cem

    In contrast to surface treatments applied after construction, which tend to separate over time, and high-strength concrete susceptible to curling and cracking, the Hard-Cem integral admixture not only significantly diminishes the need for replacements and repairs but also extends the concrete's lifespan by more than twofold. This results in a reduced overall carbon footprint throughout its lifetime.

    How It Works

    With its distinctive metal-mineral microstructure, Hard-Cem serves as an admixture that strengthens the residual cement paste in a mixture, enhancing the concrete's ability to withstand abrasive and erosive pressures. This doubling of the concrete's wear life translates to a reduction in the frequency of necessary replacements and repairs, consequently diminishing its overall carbon footprint over time. Being integral, Hard-Cem seamlessly integrates with horizontal, vertical, and inclined concrete as well as shotcrete surfaces. It's worth noting that this integral admixture is acknowledged in ACI 212 as an effective integral hardening admixture.

    Product Benefits

    • Increases the lifespan of concrete wear by a minimum of 2 times or more, depending on conditions.
    • Lowers maintenance costs.
    • Enhances concrete sustainability.
    • Decreases both embodied and operational carbon emissions.
    • Reduces installation expenses.
    • Accelerates construction timelines.
    • Enhances worksite safety and conditions, making them dust-free.
    • Improves quality control.
    • Poses no adverse effects on concrete water demand, workability, set time, strength development, or shrinkage.
    • Applicable to horizontal, vertical, or inclined concrete.
    • User-friendly and easily incorporated directly into the concrete mix.


    Hard-Cem finds application in various concrete types, including ready-mix, shotcrete, and precast concrete, to enhance resistance to abrasion and erosion, thereby prolonging the concrete's wear life. It is commonly utilized in the following sectors:


    • Manufacturing and Distribution Warehouse Floors
    • Service and Repair Bays


    • Recreation Centers
    • Hospitals
    • Highway Pavements and Intersections
    • Bridge Decks
    • Runways
    • Parking Structures, Ramps, and Aprons
    • Skateboard Parks


    • Tunnels and Shafts
    • Ramps
    • Process Buildings
    • Utility and Maintenance Buildings
    • Warehouse Floors


    • Livestock Housing
    • Storage Sheds and Tractor Garages


    • Dams
    • Sluiceways, Spillways, and Drainage Conduits
    • Stilling Basins
    • Culverts, Tunnels, and Precast Pipes
    • Canals


    • Blocks and Pavers
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