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    Leoseal R 15kg Polymer Bitumen Waterproofer

    SKU: CSS125-00002
    Leoseal R is a unique blend of elastomer-modified bitumen emulsion, creating a durable and robust shield, effectively preventing water infiltration.
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    Leoseal R is an expertly crafted blend of elastomer-modified bitumen emulsion, creating a resilient, enduring shield against water intrusion. Leoseal R boasts outstanding adhesion and can be used on freshly poured concrete or moist surfaces.


    • Waterproofing beneath concrete structures below ground.
    • Sealing cracks on roads and sidewalks.


    • Avoid work during wet or freezing conditions.
    • Ensure surfaces are dry or slightly damp (no pooling or flowing water) and clean, free from dust, oil, and fuel residues.


    Before application, stir the contents in the bucket.


    1. Apply Leoseal R in two coats using a turks head brush.
      • First coat: 0.55L/m²
      • Second coat (applied at right angles): 0.45L/m²
    2. If the surface is hot, very dry, or absorbent, consider priming with a diluted mixture of Leoseal R (1 part water to 8 parts Leoseal R).
    3. Clean brushes with Leoclean immediately, followed by soapy water.
    4. Backfilling should occur within 3-4 weeks of Leoseal R treatment.

    Crack Sealing:

    For cracks up to 3mm:

    1. Pour Leoseal R into the crack using a spouted can.
    2. Brush or squeegee out any surplus, then dust with cement or fine sand once dry.

    For cracks >3mm and up to 25mm:

    1. Prime the crack's sides with a brush coat of Leoseal R.
    2. Create a mortar by mixing Leoseal R with damp sand in a 1:1 volume ratio.
    3. Fill the crack with the mortar mix.
    4. Compact and smooth the material using a trowel.

    Note: Leoseal R cures through water evaporation and should be applied in good drying conditions. Cold, damp, or humid weather may delay the rain-resistant set.


    Waterproofing: 1lt per m²

    Crack Sealing: The amount needed varies with the crack's depth.

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