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    Logco Eco Tard TF - 20 Litre

    SKU: CSS152-00001
    ECO TARD TF is a environmentally friendly and readily biodegradable top face retarder for horizontal concrete, providing an excellent key for subsequent pours with a uniform exposed aggregate finish. Ideal for poor ventilation areas, its pigmented, low-odour formula eliminates the need for surface preparation, offering a practical and sustainable solution for attractive concrete finishes.
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    ECO TARD TF is an aqueous and readily biodegradable top face retarder designed for application onto freshly placed horizontal concrete. This product serves to produce an exposed aggregate surface, making it ideal for creating an attractive finish that is well-suited for receiving subsequent concrete or toppings.

    Key features and benefits:

    • Readily Biodegradable: ECO TARD TF is environmentally friendly, being readily biodegradable.

    • Excellent Key for Subsequent Pours: The exposed surface created by this retarder provides an excellent key for any subsequent pours or treatments.

    • Uniform Exposed Aggregate Finish: This product is formulated to produce a uniform medium-depth exposed aggregate finish on the concrete surface.

    • Suitable for Poor Ventilation Areas: ECO TARD TF is an ideal choice for use in areas with poor ventilation, thanks to its aqueous and low-odor characteristics.

    • Pigmented for Uniform Application: The product is pigmented, typically in blue, which aids in achieving a uniform application across the concrete surface.

    • Eliminates Surface Preparation Needs: Using ECO TARD TF eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming surface preparation for subsequent treatments.

    This product is a practical solution for achieving an exposed aggregate surface on freshly placed concrete, offering both environmental sustainability and ease of application.

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