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    Mapei Lamposilex 5Kg Tub Adoplug

    SKU: CSS0089-00007
    MPN: 166145A
    MAPEI Lamposilex 5KG - Ultra-fast hydraulic binder for prompt water leak plugging, offering reliable performance in various applications.
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    Mapei Lamposilex 5Kg Tub Adoplug

    MAPEI Lamposilex Ultra Fast Hydraulic Binder & Water Plug 5KG in Grey is an exceptional solution for promptly plugging water leaks. This ultra-fast setting and drying hydraulic binder provide reliable performance, making it an ideal choice for sealing watertight joints and addressing water infiltration in various structures.

    Key Features:

    • Ultra-fast setting and drying hydraulic binder.
    • Designed for plugging water leaks promptly, even under pressure.
    • Suitable for applications in basements, tunnels, subways, hydraulic concrete structures, sewers, tanks, and canals.
    • Essential for sealing watertight rigid joints in a variety of structures.
    • Must be used before waterproofing with Idrosilex Pronto in the presence of seepage.
    • Forms a paste with plastic consistency upon mixing with water, setting in about 2 minutes.
    • Easy mix preparation: 1 kg of Lamposilex with 280 grams of water for a homogeneous paste.
    • Can be measured by volume: Mix 2.5 parts of Lamposilex with 1 part of water.
    • Immediate application using a gloved hand for convenience.
    • Consumption: 1.8 kg per litre of the cavity to be filled.
    • Packaging: 5 kg, ensuring practicality and ease of use.


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