Material Testing

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Moisture Meter

The Stanley Intelli Level Moisture Meter gives a % moisture reading based on electrical resistance across two pins. LCD screen with dual measurement bar graph. Measures moisture in wood: 6-44%, and other building materials: 0.2-2%.

Powered by 3 x Cell Batteries (supplied).

£29.00 excl VAT

DampFinder Compact - Damp Meter

The Laserliner DampFinder Compact is a universal device for ascertaining moisture in building materials and for quick checks when working with wood. It has a triple scale for wood groups A (beech, linden, willow, ebony) and B (pedunculate oak, maple, alder, spruce, birch, ash) and universal index mode. It is suitable for use on aerated concrete, anhydrite screed, cement screed, chalky sandstone, concrete (C12/15, C20/25, C30/37) and gypsum plaster.

The DampFinder Compact has a simple to use, one button operation with a large clear LCD screen showing both numerical and graphical bar display. Its protective cap not only protects the pins in transit but also offers a self-test calibration function.

Supplied with 4 x AAA batteries.

Measuring range/accuracy:
Wood: A: 5-30%, ±1%, B: 30-50%,±2%.
Other materials: ±0.5%.

£63.00 excl VAT

DampCheck - Damp Meter

The Laserliner DampCheck is a compact moisture measuring device. It is ideal for checking the dryness in timber and checking the moisture content within building materials. It has an LED wet/dry indicator with 3 colours (green = dry, yellow = moist, red = wet), which provide immediate information about the tested material's degree of moisture or dryness.

The DampCheck also measures the ambient temperature.

Supplied with 4 x LR44 batteries and a protective cap.

Temperature range: 0-40°C.
Max relative humidity: 85%.
Accuracy wood: ± 2%.
Accuracy building material: ± 0.5%.

£26.00 excl VAT