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    Natcem Tank 25Kg

    Manufacturer: Natural Cement
    SKU: CSS0091-00002
    NATCEM TANK is an environmentally friendly, waterproof mortar that can be applied in layers as thin as 10mm. It is perfect for waterproofing a variety of structures, starting to set in 55 minutes and fully setting within 60 minutes.
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    Natcem Tank 25Kg

    Natcem Tank is an eco-friendly, waterproof mortar that can be applied with a minimum thickness of 10mm. It is ideal for waterproofing various structures, beginning to set after 55 minutes and fully setting within 60 minutes.

    Natcem Tank is free from chemical additives and only needs water to be mixed. A 10mm layer is sufficient to create a waterproof barrier against both positive and negative water pressure. This product is suitable for cold and wet environments and can be plastered or overcoated just one hour after setting.


    • Waterproof Renders
    • Damp Proofing
    • Wastewater Environments
    • Swimming Pools
    • Basements & Cellars
    • Tanking
    • Vaults
    • Storage Tanks


    • No curing period needed
    • Exceptional adhesion
    • Requires only water for mixing
    • Waterproof
    • Minimal shrinkage
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Sulphate resistant
    • Resists chloride penetration
    • High chemical resistance
    • Sets underwater
    • Usable in freezing temperatures
    • Environmentally friendly with a low carbon footprint
    • Contains no chemical additives
    • Unlimited shelf life
    • Rapid setting
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