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    PHANTOM ACTIVE ECO Welding Helmet

    Manufacturers: Weldability , Weldability
    SKU: CSS11-01204
    A Stylish auto-darkening welding helmet, suitable for all welding and cutting applications down to 10 Amps. Externally-adjustable from 9-13. Fully automatic on/off. Comfortable and lightweight with minimalistic design. Can be used in Stick, TIG, MIG/MAG, Plasma welding/cutting, Grinding and Oxy/Fuel welding/cutting. Protecting your eyes is a vitally important aspect of safety during welding. The arc created during the welding process can cause permanent damage to your eyes. Auto darkening welding helmets are available at a very low cost, but investing in a shield like this which reacts quickly to the arc and has good quality sensors is a worthwhile investment.
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    Features include:
    • Fully Automatic Power on/off
    • Auto – Darkens In < 1/16,000s
    • Lightweight and comfortable, at just 0.4Kg total product weight
    • 10A minimum current sensitivity
    • 2x Light detection sensors
    • Constant UV/IR protection to DIN16
    • Powered by solar cell.
    • Adjustable sensitivity and delay .


    Accessories available:

      For FXADF500S, Phantom Active Eco, and FXADF725S, Phantom Impact. Meets EN166. Strong, clear safety plates used in flip-up headshields behind filters.
      Part ID: ES9547SP
      Spare headgear including sweatband.
      Part ID: FXSTBAND

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