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    Stihl RA 90 Patio Cleaner

    Manufacturer: Stihl Gb
    SKU: CSS117-000101
    The STIHL RA 90 Surface Cleaner is a fast, splash-free cleaning accessory for the STIHL RE Pressure Washer series (RE 90 – RE 130+). Ideal for cleaning patios, pathways and driveways.
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    Stihl RA 90 Patio Cleaner

    The Stihl RA 90 Patio Cleaner is designed to streamline your cleaning tasks, ensuring efficient and thorough results for your outdoor spaces. Below are the key details and features of this essential tool:


    • Simple home assembly is required to attach the Pressure Washer spray lance. All necessary fittings are included, and detailed instructions are provided for easy setup.

    Usage Tips:

    • For optimal performance, maintain a uniform speed and pressure while guiding the rotary Surface Cleaner over surfaces.
    • Keep the unit in motion whenever the spray lance is activated to ensure consistent cleaning coverage.
    • Apply sufficient downward force to keep the Surface Cleaner in contact with the surface at all times.
    • Bristles around the edge of the cleaner minimize overspray, enhancing cleaning efficiency.


    • The RA 90 Surface Cleaner is compatible with STIHL RE series pressure washers, including models RE 100 and RE 110, as well as all others in the series (from RE 90 to RE 130+).


    • Ø 255 mm cleaning diameter for quick and efficient coverage of larger surface areas.
    • Pressure adjustment feature allows customizable cleaning intensity to suit different cleaning needs.
    • Provides fast and splash-free cleaning, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
    • Bristles around the edge reduce overspray, enhancing cleaning precision.


    • Maximum pressure: 150 bar (15MPa or 2170 psi)
    • Maximum water temperature: 60°C (140 °F)
    • Important: Do not exceed the maximum operating pressure or temperature for safe and effective use.


    • Regularly check for small stones or debris under the spray cover during operation to prevent damage.
    • Operate the cleaner away from bystanders, children, and animals for safety.
    • After use, drain and store the cleaner properly, away from frost and freezing conditions.

    With proper care and usage, the Stihl RA 90 Patio Cleaner ensures clean and vibrant outdoor spaces with ease.


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