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    Sika Sikadur-31+ (AB) C9281

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    An exceptional two-part epoxy structural adhesive, rigorously approved for contact with drinking water, ensuring unparalleled versatility, superior adhesion, and professional-grade performance in various construction applications. Elevate your projects with confidence and compliance.
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    Sikadur®-31 DW

    A Superior Two-Part Epoxy Structural Adhesive, Approved for Potable Water Contact

    Compliance with Stringent Standards: Sikadur®-31 DW stands as a testament to uncompromising quality, gaining approval for direct contact with drinking water. This epoxy adhesive adheres strictly to the most rigorous industry standards, ensuring both safety and regulatory adherence.

    Versatility in Structural Applications: Distinguished for its versatility, Sikadur®-31 DW serves as a paramount choice for bonding a myriad of construction materials. Its applications extend to minor concrete repairs, joint filling, and meticulous crack sealing, showcasing its indispensability in structural enhancement.

    Seamless Mixing and Application: Experience efficiency and precision in application with Sikadur®-31 DW. With a carefully balanced 3:1 ratio (by weight or volume), this epoxy adhesive ensures a straightforward mixing process, guaranteeing a hassle-free and controlled application—ideal for both professional contractors and meticulous DIY enthusiasts.

    Exceptional Adhesion, Mechanical Strength, and Shrinkage Resistance: Engineered for excellence, Sikadur®-31 DW exhibits outstanding adhesion to a diverse range of construction materials. Its remarkable mechanical strength and shrinkage-resistant formulation make it an indispensable choice for projects demanding superior performance and reliability.

    Stability in Overhead and Vertical Applications: Addressing concerns of vertical and overhead applications, Sikadur®-31 DW, with its thixotropic properties, ensures a non-sag consistency, facilitating precise application irrespective of orientation—providing stability in the most demanding of project requirements.

    Visual Control and Aesthetic Consistency: Sikadur®-31 DW offers a visually controlled application, manifesting a concrete grey finish through the harmonious blending of its differently colored components—Part A in white and Part B in dark grey, contributing to a seamless and aesthetically pleasing result.

    Regulatory Compliance and Certifications: Exceeding industry benchmarks, Sikadur®-31 DW contributes significantly to sustainability goals, evidenced by its compliance with LEED® v4 credits. Holding CE marking and declaration of performance based on EN 1504-4:2004, and approvals from Water Regulations and ASC, CARSO, it exemplifies a commitment to excellence.

    Convenient Packaging Solutions: Packaged for convenience, Sikadur®-31 DW is offered in a pre-batched unit of 6 kg, with packaging variations available as per project requirements, ensuring optimal resource utilization and project efficiency.

    Adaptability to Varied Environmental Conditions: Sikadur®-31 DW adapts seamlessly to diverse environmental conditions, with a temperature range spanning from +30 °C to +10 °C, ensuring optimal performance regardless of seasonal variations.

    Resilience to Elements and Chemicals: Engineered to withstand environmental challenges, Sikadur®-31 DW is impermeable to liquids and water vapor, exhibits robust resistance to abrasion, and demonstrates resilience against specific chemicals—ensuring long-term durability.

    Extended Pot Life for Enhanced Flexibility: Sikadur®-31 DW provides extended pot life at varying temperatures, affording flexibility in project execution. For layer thicknesses exceeding 30 mm, its successive application process, coupled with surface scratching for adhesion, ensures structural integrity.

    Technical Precision for Professional Outcomes: Sikadur®-31 DW presents detailed technical specifications, covering layer thickness, substrate conditions, and application nuances, providing a comprehensive guide for achieving professional and precise results.

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