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    Sika Sikadur-31+ (AB) Rapid C1106 (1.2KG)

    SKU: CSS0112-00020
    Sikadur®-31+ Rapid, a fast-curing, low-VOC epoxy adhesive designed for structural bonding and concrete repair. With easy mixing, application versatility, and very low VOC levels, it ensures robust adhesion to various construction materials, making it an ideal choice for efficient and eco-friendly projects.
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    Rapid: Superior Fast-Curing Epoxy Adhesive for Structural Excellence. Sikadur®-31+ Rapid, a cutting-edge two-part epoxy adhesive meticulously engineered for swift structural bonding and concrete repair. Its rapid-curing formula, coupled with moisture tolerance, empowers seamless adhesion to diverse construction materials, making it an optimal choice for a spectrum of applications.

    Key Features:

    • 1. Rapid Performance:  With an accelerated curing process, Sikadur®-31+ Rapid ensures quick and efficient structural bonding, facilitating time-sensitive projects without compromising strength.
    • 2. Versatile Applications: Ideal for structural concrete repairs, joint filling, and crack sealing, this epoxy adhesive effortlessly tackles a range of tasks, from repairing spalling concrete in buildings to reinforcing structures with plate bonding.
    • 3. Easy Application: Sikadur®-31+ Rapid stands out for its user-friendly application, ensuring hassle-free mixing and easy use. Its thixotropic nature makes it non-sag even in vertical and overhead applications.
    • 4. Environmental Responsibility: Crafted with very low VOC levels (GEV Emicode EC1PLUS), this epoxy adhesive aligns with environmental standards, contributing to LEED® v4 credits and promoting sustainability.
    • 5. Robust Adhesion: Boasting exceptional adhesion to various construction materials, including concrete, natural stone, ceramics, and wood, Sikadur®-31+ Rapid guarantees reliable performance in diverse scenarios.
    • 6. Impenetrable Durability: Designed to resist abrasion, chemicals, and moisture, this epoxy adhesive ensures a long-lasting bond, offering durability that meets the demands of challenging environments.
    • 7. Layer Thickness Mastery: Sikadur®-31+ Rapid allows for application up to 30 mm thickness in a single layer, providing versatility and adaptability to project requirements.
    • 8. Environmental Certifications: The product's Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) aligns with EN 15804 standards, emphasizing its commitment to eco-friendly practices and compliance with Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) Credits under LEED® v4.

     Sikadur®-31+ Rapid – where speed, strength, and sustainability converge for unparalleled structural excellence.


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