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    Smart Concrete


    Smart Concrete is the leading specialist in dynamic waterproofing solutions in the UK. We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of services and products tailored to meet the unique needs of your projects, ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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    Smart Forstrike 20L

    Smart Forstrike is a premium concrete mould oil designed for general on-site applications, ensuring an exceptional finish. It's suitable for various formwork types and performs reliably across different climatic conditions in typical building construction projects.

    Smart Cemgone 20L

    Smart Cemgone incorporates an organic, naturally sourced, plant-based active ingredient renowned for its ability to dismantle bonds, dissolve, and release solidified cement from typical construction site surfaces. Smart Cemgone ensures the cleanliness and upkeep of your tools, equipment, and vehicles. It is efficient, swiftly operational, and remarkably adept at penetrating and loosening concrete.

    Smart Ecocure WW 20L

    Smart Ecocure WW represents an eco-conscious solution for concrete curing membranes. Additionally, a blue grade variant is offered to aid in easy identification during application.

    Smart Ecolease 20l

    Smart Ecolease is an efficient release solution for general in-situ construction. Ecolease is designed to use the latest polymer technology to generate a stable, eco-friendly, and highly efficient agent for concrete formwork on site. Smart Ecolease is specifically suitable for outdoor usage on faced plywood and other impervious formwork materials.

    Smart Ecotard TF 20l

    Smart Ecotard TF is a colourless aqueous liquid suitable for Smart Ecotard TF is aqueous liquid appropriate for either spray or watering can application. It holds back the set of the surface cement matrix of newly cast concrete for easy removal. Perfect to expose the natural colour and texture of the coarse aggregate.

    Smart Ecotard MF 25L

    Smart Ecotard MF has perfect non-slump properties for application to vertical surfaces. It is a transparent aqueous composition with a gel consistency colour tinted to help application.

    Smart Ecotuf 20L

    Smart Ecotuf is a concrete surface hardener and dustproofer. The usage of Ecotuf on an existing cement-bound floor will significantly increase the shelf life of a new or old floor. Apart from reducing maintenance of the floor and cutting the cleaning costs but also helps to reduce dust hazards to both health and machinery. It is fast and easy to apply. Ecotuf is also proven to prevent the growth of efflorescent/salts in concrete and especially in brickworks.

    Smart Forlease 20L

    A chemical release agent designed for use on formwork and moulds, ensuring easy release and an exceptional concrete surface finish. This agent is a blend of reactive oils within a partially evaporative hydrocarbon carrier.

    Smart Wash

    Smart Wash is a potent blend of solvents designed for the removal of polysulphide sealants from mastic guns. Additionally, Smart Wash can be utilised as a general-purpose cleaning solvent.

    Smart SiteCoat

    An alkali-resistant, cold-applied rubberised bitumen emulsion with excellent adhesion to sound building materials, including asphalt. It retains flexibility at low temperatures and resists softening in warm conditions.