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    SpillTrapper Mat 1460 x 2460mm (XXL)

    Manufacturer: Fentex Ltd
    SKU: CSS0052-IN006
    SpillTrapper®, the ultimate solution for containing oil and leaks under vehicles, plant, tanks, and machinery, without the hassle of additional trays or containment systems. Its unique design traps contaminants within the mat while allowing rainwater to runoff, making it perfect for outdoor use.
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    SpillTrapper Mat 1460 x 2460mm (XXL)

    Key Features:

    • Unique Heavy-Duty Edging Design
    • Tough Mesh Grid protects inner layers
    • Hydrophobic Absorbent traps oil and fuels, repelling rainwater
    • EVO ‘Burst Fibre Technology’ maximizes oil absorbent capacity
    • Dual Oleophilic Layer adds extra oil retention, minimizing pooling or run-off
    • Hard-Wearing Backing Mat traps liquid inside, reducing the risk of ground contamination
    • Designed for use under vehicles, plant, tanks, and machinery
    • Eliminates the need for additional trays or containment
    • Contaminants trapped within the mat while rainwater runs off
    • Size: 146 x 246cm
    • Capacity: 56 litres

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