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    Picture of ViraWipe High Performance Surface Sanitiser 3ltr Tub

    ViraWipe High Performance Surface Sanitiser 3ltr Tub

    As used at the COVID-19 test centres around the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic, ViraWipe® is chosen for its high-grade sanitising properties and durable quality. Thicker, longer lasting wipes compared to others on the market.
    CSS144-00003 - Anti Bac Wipes Tub 100 Wipes

    Anti Bac Wipes Tub 100 Wipes...

    The antibacterial wipes are stored in a convenient tub that allows for quick and easy access these wipes provide users with an efficient and excellent cleaning solution.
    Picture of Prosolve Pro Wipe Tub (110)

    Prosolve Pro Wipe Tub (110)

    Cleans hand tools and hard surfaces without water or scrubbing. Powerful anti-bacterial performance against MRSA, E.coli and salmonella. Removes oil, grease, sealants, paint and dirt. Unique three layered laminate fabric offering greater tear resistance. Torsional strength in both directions and greatly improved absorbency.


    100 cleaning premoistened tissues dispenser
    Picture of Rags Mixed Bag  - 10kg

    Rags Mixed Bag - 10kg

    Best value, soft wipes suitable for polishing and cleaning.
    CSS21-00031 - DEB Universal Wipes - 150 Wipes

    DEB Universal Wipes - 150 Wipes

    Tough, extra large wipes for use without water. Impregnated with powerful, solvent based cleansing agents to remove a broad spectrum of contaminants.