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    Wisablock Rebar Caps

    Manufacturers: Wisa Ltd , Wisa Ltd
    SKU: CSS154-00001
    WisaBlock Rebar Caps – the efficient solution for safeguarding against injuries from exposed steel bars. Lightweight, cost-effective, and compatible with standard timber, these caps streamline application, save time, and enhance safety on construction sites. Choose WisaBlock for a reliable and eco-friendly protective solution.
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    WisaBlock Rebar Caps

    Introducing WisaBlock Rebar Caps – a secure, effective, and economically viable solution for safeguarding against impalement and the risk of other severe injuries caused by exposed or inadequately protected steel starter bars on concrete substructures. These caps are designed with key characteristics and advantages to enhance your construction processes.

    Key Characteristics:

    • Lightweight and Easily Storable: WisaBlock Rebar Caps are crafted to be lightweight, ensuring easy handling, transport, and storage on construction sites.
    • Innovative Clamp Design: Featuring an innovative clamp design, these caps securely fasten to standard timber, providing a reliable and efficient solution for reinforcing steel bars.
    • Compatible with Standard Timber: WisaBlock Rebar Caps are designed to be compatible with standard timber, offering versatility and ease of use in construction projects.


    • Streamlines Application, Saving Time: The innovative design streamlines the application process, reducing the time required for securing and protecting reinforcing steel bars.
    • Cost-Effective: As a cost-effective solution, WisaBlock Rebar Caps are available for as low as 5p per bar, providing an economical choice without compromising on quality.
    • Contributes to Injury Prevention: Prioritizing safety, these caps contribute to injury prevention by securely covering and protecting exposed steel bars, minimizing the risk of accidents on the construction site.
    • Fully Recyclable: WisaBlock Rebar Caps are environmentally conscious, being fully recyclable. This ensures that your construction practices align with sustainable and eco-friendly standards.

    Choose WisaBlock Rebar Caps for a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution that prioritizes both safety and convenience in your construction projects.


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