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    SUPERCITO 7018S 2.5mm x 350mm ( 4.2kg pack) 3 packs to a carton W000258282

    Manufacturer: Lincoln Electric UK
    SKU: CSS03-00026
    SUPERCITO 7018 S is a basic coated MMA electrode for producing crack-free and tough welded joints. Designed for highly restrained work with static and dynamic loadings. The weld metal has good ISO-V toughness to -50°C. Very low hydrogen content after re-drying. SUPERCITO 7018 S is suitable for unalloyed steels with low purity or higher carbon content, <0.4%C, and for buffer layers.
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    • Good welding characteristics, suitable for root passes and positional welding, welds are of X-ray quality.
    • Very low diffusible hydrogen content, high impact toughness down to - 50°C
    • Efficiency 120%.
    • DC and AC, welding current.

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